Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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With five annual Victoria’s Secret fashion shows under her belt, Candice Swanepoel is a pro at prepping to strut the catwalk in next-to-nothing.

From all-liquid diets and grueling daily sweat sessions to near deprivation, it’s easy to see why some models go to great lengths to prepare for their goddess-like figures for the televised lingerie show. But Swanepoel eschews such extreme tactics, opting instead to simply ramp up her regular diet and fitness routine.

“I usually use heavier weights on my ankles or the weights that I’m using,” the South African model, 24, told Celebuzz ahead of Wednesday night’s glitz-and-glam show. “But for me, I work out two days and then I need a rest day. Then I work another two days, then I rest again. So we’re kind of ready all year round — it’s just about fine-tuning it.”

In addition to maintaining a regular fitness routine, the model credits her other healthy habits for helping to get her runway-ready.

“I drink a lot of water,” Swanepoel admits. “And sleep, that’s the most important thing for me, to have a good night’s rest because no matter what you do if you don’t sleep and rest, you’ll look terrible.”

demi lovato surprised britney spears

The Disney star – who is known for being kicked off the Jonas Brothers’ tour for punching a dancer, dabbling in drugs and combatting an eating disorder - and has revealed that she Brit Brit have become really close on the set of The X Factor USA, but she didn’t expect to bond with her.

She told "What surprised me the most about Britney is that she's actually really quirky. You kind of expect a legendary pop star [to] sometimes [be], like, a diva or something, but she's really not. She's a sweet, down-to-earth, Southern girl."

Hmm, we think that’s code for “wow, this pop princess actually has a hint of nuttiness like me!”

She also (well, basically) excused the showed for not being as drama-filled at American Idol, even though the latter series hasn’t even aired yet.

Blatantly referring to the Nicki Minaj Mariah Carey drama she said:"At the end of the day, it's about the contestants. It's not about us as judges. I think other shows maybe forget that the entire purpose of the competition is to find a superstar, not to get publicity for the wrong